Weston College - Weston-s-Mare 2010


We To produce A1 5mm Foamex Boards that were printed in full colour with a gloss lamination that were to be installed in Weston College. There was a critical delivery time of 3 working days. In total there were x85 Full Colour A1 Foamex Boards which were printed at our Weston Print Studio and delivered on time to the Weston College for installation.





Case Study 1

Water Adventure Park


Case Study 2

Weston College


Case Study 3

Nova Radio


Case Study 4

Glovers Walk - Yeovil


Case Study 5

Complete Flooring Co.


Case Study 6

Taste 2


Case Study 7

GlugGlugGlug - Virgin


Case Study 8

W-s-M Museum


Case Study 9

PDCL Building Services


Case Study 10

Living Kitchens


Case Study 11

Mclaren Life


Case Study 12

County Walk Shopping Centre


Case Study 13

Mitey Bite


Case Study 14

The Blakehay